Chrome Flags

There are various ways to speed up your browser using Chrome flags. You can use the extension manager to enable or disable flags for a particular site. If you want to read a long article without interruptions, you can set the Chrome:// URL flag and let the extension do the rest. You can enable or disable the feature by going to the extensions manager and searching for a specific flag tag. Alternatively, you can also turn off all Chrome flags.

Chrome Flags – Speed Up Your Web Browsing

chrome flags

You can also use chrome flags to speed up your web browsing. If you’re a developer, you can add different settings for different websites. These settings are more developer-oriented and may not be available on all platforms. You can disable or enable them as you like. Besides, you can always reset or remove them to their default settings. Once you’ve enabled or disabled Chrome flags, you’ll need to relaunch the browser for the changes to take effect.

Another option is to enable the dark theme flag. If you’re reading a website in a dark room, this setting will be useful. Depending on your preferences, this feature makes text and buttons lighter while the background color is black. The process of creating images pixel-by-pixel requires a significant amount of CPU power, so this flag will make the browser use its dedicated GPU. This flag will force Chrome to use the CPU’s full power to create a dark theme.